Our Approach

Community Centered Design

Great design does more than just make a statement about a place.  If you scratch the surface, underneath every great community design idea are connections - threads and stories and relationships between people and their community that have meaning and value, and which go beyond signage, logos, and taglines to draw attention to what makes people feel happy about where they live.


As place designers who focus on creating community design elements - we take a different approach to understanding what goes into wayfinding and brand development.  We know, firsthand, the power of design to improve connections between people and place, and people and each other.  And the resulting joy and happiness that comes out of this increased sense of connection to community is a great attractor - not just of new community members, but of new businesses, new development, and new resources.  Wayfinding and branding that helps people feel more connected has a direct line to economic development, because signage and brands that compellingly tell a story of the collective shared experience of a place are powerful place attractors and builders.